What is a SunOven Rental Hub?

A SunOven Rental Hub is your business powered by an Online Rentals System incorporating SunOven solar cookers, e-Commerce, online reservations, recipes, resources and support in a custom package that is live and on-demand.

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Your Small Business or Mid Sized Business is empowered to offer your customers an easy and fun way to make a green choice in their daily activities, while generating exciting profits by providing the service.

SunOven Rentals is your connection, where the absolute best of online resources, meets real world experience.

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Add value and profit to your sales counter.

Your Rental Hub is integrated into your existing system, making it easy to implement and easy to manage.

As a SunOven Rental Hub, you provide an engaging and profitable way for your customers to be green.

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The online Reservation and Rental Platform gives your business the streamlined edge, while the on-demand Hub admin pages organize your system flawlessly.

Give your community the environmentally aware service they seek, as a SunOven Rental Hub.

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Flame Free. Smoke Free. Clean and Green.

SunOvens let your customers enjoy your facilities, and the great outdoors, without the fire, charcoal, smoke, or mess.

SunOven Rentals is the the perfect companion for the RV, Campground, Eco Retreat and Marina industry.

Your SunOven Rental Hub is flexible, allowing for low season and peak season fee structures. The sustainable choice for your business, and for the planet.

From Everest Base Camps to African Retreats, SunOvens are the choice for reliable, efficient cooking of scrumptious sun baked meals. Strong, lightweight, portable, clean and green, SunOvens give your business the eco edge.

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Renewable ROI.

Minimal investment and a low monthly fee enable the SunOvens in your rental system to generate profit over and over again, creating a sustainable ROI platform that outperforms simple reselling.

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Do they love their SunOven and want one of their own? Yes they can!

An optional sales module seamlessly integrates into your Rental Hub, enabling greater flexibility and profit. With on-demand, no minimum wholesale ordering, you control your hub, you control your profits. We provide the streamlined system and support that makes it possible.

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SaaS Simplicity with Global Impact

Software as a Service (SaaS) combined with Equipment lease options empower franchises and large organizations with optimal business solutions.

SunOven customization and branding options make your SunOven Rentals reflect your companies preferences, while offering your clients the green life options they seek.

Reduce your companies carbon footprint while giving back to the world community. Our custom equipment lease program offers all of the benefits of leasing over purchasing, with the added benefits of supporting the global outreach of SUN OVEN® International.

Contact us to review the custom lease programs that make SunOven Rental Hub integration an empowered solution for your organization, your customers and the planet.

Custom SunOven Equipment Lease Programs are suitable for:

  • Municipalities
  • National Parks
  • Hotel and Resort Organizations
  • National Grocery Store Organizations
  • Franchise RV and Campground Resorts
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Carpe Diem!

For a limited time, you can join as a Premier SunOven Rental Hub.

You have found SunOven Rentals during our launch. What does this mean for your business? Premier Rates!

The SunOven Rentals Business Model has been in development for three years. This well considered platform is poised for growth and ready for you.

This strategic offer extends an unprecedented ROI for your business, and guarantees your organization a rate-lock for the life of your SunOven Rentals Hub Contract!

As a SunOven Rental Hub, you are on the leading, and long overdue, edge of the emerging rental market for renewable energy based products.

Initialization Fee $649
Monthly Fee $160

Once your Hub is initialized, visit your custom resources portal to wholesale order the SunOvens to populate your Rental Hub.

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